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Tax Resolution

We have often heard the story; things are tight financially, so you either (1) do not file the tax return, or (2) file the tax return but don't pay the balance due with the expectation that the next year things will get better. Now, it is 3 - 5 years later, an​d the IRS is sending letters and maybe it has gotten to the point of levy or seizure activity and you don't know what to do. 

What are my options?

We take the time to meet with our prospective clients and get an understanding of the clients' tax situation to recommend the tax resolution alternative that will best suit their needs. Collection alternatives include an Offer In Compromise (OIC) , Currently-not-Collectible (CNC) or an installment agreement. 

What if I don't owe the tax?

Maybe the situations above do not apply to you, however you have been assessed a large tax liability and you simply do not owe the tax. After an analysis of the client's tax situation, we may need to reopen a bad tax assessment, submit a Doubt as to Liability offer or request audit reconsideration. 

We have helped clients thought the scenario's provided above. Contact us to help you resolve your tax debt today. 

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